About Us

Timothy's Bar, Timothy's Pub & Grill, Tim's, Timmy's, TI's. It's affectionately referred to by many names, but whatever you call it, since 1965 thousands in the U.D. community have called it home.

In the years following the end of prohibition until the early 50s, it was called the Double 18 Lounge, a reference to the address of the building. There was a brief period of 10 years where it was known as the Rubicon. Then in 1965, the bar & building was purchased by Tim Colgan and the name, despite many different owners since, stuck.

In October 1997, Timothy's was named by Playboy as one of the Top 100 College Bars in the country. In August of 2013, Timothy's was named the #22 best college bar by thedailymeal.com.

It seems everyone who has stepped foot into Timothy's has a different memory they take back with them. What's yours?  Is it the black and white squares, intoxicating aroma of beer & sweat, the Walls, bear wrestling, Tim's feet, Xs on the hands, great music from the Ohio Players, Mike Posner, or Time Flies, Xavier Weekend, the DJs who play the Tim's soundtrack, beer buckets, 5:30 am St. Patty's, T-shirt Tuesdays, Parents Weekend, or something else?

For 50+ years, students & alumni have been frequenting Tim's. They bring the spirit, energy, & camaraderie that makes Timothy's such a special place. Here's to another 50 years of that special Flyer spirit. Cheers!